Kerayong Hill, formerly known as Desa Kerayong Indah. Strategically located on a hill, extensive scenery and green natural beauty, consist a land area approximately 230 acres, enabling to build a healthy community among the residents.. It is one of the affordable housing developments for the Bungalow house category. Selangor State Government project to cater for the housing needs of the Malay Community through Jawatan Kuasa Kerja Kampung (JKKK) in 1999 and appointed the then Bumi Circle Sdn Bhd as the nominated Main Contractor. Then, in 2006 the said project was fully abandoned.

The Selangor State Government, in June 2015 through Lembaga Perumahan Dan Hartanah Negeri Selangor (LPHS) officially appointed Probil Industries (M) Sdn Bhd as the new nominated Main Contractor to re-develop the said Project. It comprises of a total 1,330 units of various types of properties.

Under the Letter of Award on last 30 March 2022, the commencement of the preliminary works shall be commenced in April 2022 while the building and local infrastructure works are to be commenced in July 2023 subsequently. In addition, Kerayong Hills comprises Eights (8) precinct namely Desa 1 to Desa 8. Probil has awarded the First Construction Package to Transnational Builder Sdn Bhd (“TBSB”), a fully owned subsidiary of Konsortium Transnational Bhd (“KTB”), on 28th February 2022 to construct the main infrastructure of the entire project and the building and local infrastructure.
To provide quality and best housing re-development so we should be able to provide the needs and requirements of existing owners to be fulfilled.

To complete the entire project of Kerayong Hill within 5 years. To provide benefits to Malaysians and pursue to continue to contribute towards the development of Malaysia, also to provide high benefits to existing owners, new buyers, and stakeholders such as contractors and project consultants.

Living Harmoniously With Surrounding Nature